Saturday, August 20, 2011

8 things.

1. First of all, to my lovely C.L.A.S. friends, I want to profusely apologize. I am a slacker. With a capital "S". To all of you who have written me lovely, lovely, letters, I still have yet to sit down and respond. So I thank you in advance for your patience. And I will get to it soon! I hope!

2. I love farmer's market fruits and vegetables. Imperfect and fresh. I have a canning tomatoes date with a friend next week. I've never canned before! So I am really looking forward to that.

3. We had VBS this week. The nursery worker told me about my youngest: "He needs to learn the word F-E-A-R." I just laughed. That's my boy.

4. This is a beautiful "prayer wall" at VBS. It was so touching to see all the prayers and notes to Jesus on the wall, as well as the little drawings the children did on it everyday.

5. We went camping for the first time as a family of 7 this summer. I will say it was a success! You should have seen our car, it was packed to the gills. I was worried that we had over packed, but in reality, it was just enough stuff. I guess I need to embrace the fact that with 5 children we will have a lot of "stuff".

6.In addition to canning, I am doing 2 new things this summer. Learning to sew, from my friend Vanessa and my friend Eve, who is a fabulous teacher and seamstress. I am also doing the Couch to 5K running program to "train" for a Mud Run in October. It's fun doing new things.
7. I've really soaked in Summer this year. Trying to be thankful for the sun and the warmth and trying to get outside and enjoy it as much as I can. Almost like saving up the sun and warmth for when winter comes. I'm more aware of the need for that, and the need to live by the seasons.
8. Speaking of living by the seasons, have you purchased
Amanda Soule's new book The Rhythm of Family? It is once again, a book to treasure, as all her other books. An inspiring read.


Children of Eve said...

It's nice to see you enjoying your summer, see NY can be nice too! So, did you finish your cozy pants?

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post! With our busy lives I feel like I haven't gotten to REALLY talk to you in a while so this was a nice little catch-up. I'm so glad you had fun camping. It was so rainy here and I kept thinking of you guys, but S****** said you only had one wet day, which is such a blessing.
And I LOVE canning!! I recently helped Vanessa with her first time, although we just did berry preserves bc they are the least work for a first timer. Lorraine is learning to can & pickle, too. It is such a nice, cozy thing to do, and it makes all the difference in a hurried meal. When the bread is flat, smother it in some homemade preserves; if the chicken is dry, grab a pretty jar of cranberry sauce to moisten them up; or if you just didn't have the energy to prepare a meal for that lunch date with a friend, make sandwiches with your own pickles, and canned peaches and cream for dessert. Viola! I just love how it shows all the love and effort we want to put into feeding our people, even on days when we just can't swing a Martha Stewart banquet. It is my dream to someday have a pantry filled with cans of lovingly stored foods for my family and guests.
Sewing, on the other hand, I just can't seem to get the hang of. :-( Maybe some day...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just saw Eve's post and I want cozy pants, too! Maybe I do need to learn to sew sooner that I thought.

Linda said...

Eight really good things Andrea. I feel like a real slacker seeing all the canning and sewing going on these days. Good for you. You will enjoy those tomatoes all through the winter.
Love visiting you!!