Monday, August 01, 2011

Mama Monday

Today's Mama Monday is Alicia Bruxvoort with the beautiful smile and encouraging spirit from the blog The Overflow: Where Souls are Filled and Faith is Spilled. Alicia writes:
"I am a lover of Jesus Christ, a seeker of abundant life, and a freelance writer and speaker. I’ve got a handful of children, a home full of laughter and a life full of noise. I’m the frequent hostess of kitchen-floor dance contests, meal time talk-a-thons and dirty diaper campaigns."

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Ladies I bring you Alicia:

Greatest thing about being a mom--Viewing the world through the eyes of my children and watching Jesus woo their hearts to His.

Hardest thing about being a mom
— Dying to self (over and over and over and over...)

Favorite blogs/websites—The Flourishing Mother, A Holy Experience, Families are Fun, Heavenly Glimpses

How do you find balance in your life
— I try to begin my day with my Bible and a hot cup of coffee before my first child wakes, and I'm learning the revitalizing power of embracing Sabbath rest.

One word that describes you— Hopeful

Favorite color--Sky blue

Hobbies/interests--- Freelance writing and speaking, blogging (visit me at The Overflow! @, reading, creating fun ways for families to bring God's Word to life, studying the Bible, and recreating with my family

I couldn't live without—Jesus

What helps me through tough days-- Focusing on God's provision one moment at a time. Trying to be fully present in the present- "Wherever you are, be fully there!" (A marvelous quote from Ann Voskamp's book, 1000 gifts)

What the Lord has been speaking to you about lately—Learning to be attentive to Him in the little things

What do you like best about yourself—That I never stay the same.. I'm a work in progress :) Right now, I'm grateful for the creative spirit He's grown in me.

If I could encourage a young mother, I would say
--Seek Jesus FIRST and He'll take care of ALL the things that concern you and your children.

One book you would recommend to read--(besides the Bible) Nudge by Leonard Sweet

Thank you Alicia!!!!

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Alicia said...

Thanks for letting me flourish with you today. What a treat! I look forward to meeting many of you over at the Overflow soon!