Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Modern luxury.

Irene shook the apples off of our (one) apple tree, so I quickly salvaged what was there on the ground, leaving the rest to continue growing until ready to pick. We planted this tree 7 years ago and this is the first year we've had edible apples. I lovingly peeled and cut the worm eaten apples and am now going to freeze them until I will be able to can applesauce. Such a simple luxury. As well as electricity, which we lost for 24 hours due to Irene, but thankfully is now restored.

Luxury has changed a lot. In the past it was eating in a three-star restaurant. Now it’s eating home-grown vegetables in a garden or somewhere on a mountain, or going to a small cottage where you find handmade cheese, and just having a taste of that in open air, that’s luxury now.....
- Dries Van Noten


Famaddict said...

So true! I'm glad the power stayed on.

herbwifemama said...

You're bookmarked in my "encouragement" folder. I'm happy to return the favor. :)