Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes I'll sit at the computer and ignore my blog. In fact, last week, I thought I should check it, to make sure it was there and all, and I said to myself: "my blog is annoying." But then there are other times where I go on my blog and I'm *proud* of the years of words and thoughts and pictures that are a tiny snippet of my life. Lots of naval-gazing*, too.
I began to think, like the author does in this post:

"But over the past few months I have become increasingly uncomfortable with what I'm doing here, largely because I'm repeating myself too often — and I'm repeating myself, I think, because of my felt need to post regularly. "

Because, really, I talk ad nauseam about experiencing burn-out and Fighting for Joy, that I sometimes wonder, is it worth talking about the same stuff over and over? Is it really worth it to keep saying it? I mean, it probably does me good, but are my readers...bored?

And from the same post:
"And you know, blogs have natural lifespans, or so I think; few of them can continue indefinitely without diminishment. Especially when they are issue-based blogs. Who wants to watch someone ride the same old hobby-horses year after year?"

I'm no Ann Voskamp. My blog is not going to continue indefinitely without diminshment.
But I think about this place as being mainly where my children can read my thoughts through some of the most challenging years of my life. And they can see how much I loved them, cared for them, prayed for them, worried for them. They can see snippets of home life. They can read me preaching to myself again and again.

I've met so many wonderful women on the Internet. As weird as that sounds-- I have! Women who have become real life friends who I take planes to visit and meet their families and cry with and eat with...
Who I send letters to and get their handcrafted loveliness.
Who encourage me on facebook, whose pins I repin on
Pinterest. (Email me if you want to be my friend on facebook!)

.....if you're ok with the naval gazing.

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Thanks to Tonia for the two links in this post.
*Excessive introspection, self-absorption, or concentration on a single issue.


Stacy said...

Well I'm glad you blog here. :) I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement in this space-- you sharing your story and what God is doing in you.

Love you!
(and- I love the photo on this post. You're pretty!)

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Stacy said! and this post made me laugh... :)

Just so you know, your posts on burn-out were so timely and encouraging for me! I thought I was going crazy and I was so grateful to have myself validated here.

Thanks for your blog!

LorraineR. said...

I think that "experiencing burn-out and Fighting for Joy" is a recurring event. So you speaking on those things should be a recurring event as well. We don't just fight it once and we're done, sadly the enemy strikes back and we're at it once again. I appreciate that you share about these things and your posts bring me a refreshing encouragement that is much needed <3 God bless you sister <3

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Lorraine! if your pastor preaches on grace every week do you get bored? Of course not, because it is always relevant and it is so soothing to be reminded of it regularly. Same with the issues you discuss. I know I always come away from your blog feeling challenged or comforted or just more understood.
And you are right that you are no Ann Voskamp. We already have one of those, so there is no need for a second. but we do need a Flourishing Mother to encourage us, too. And I will need that for many more years, so you better not go anywhere! At least not for long. You are a gift in so many ways, Andrea, and your blog is a beautiful way that you share the gift of who you are with those outside your real-life social circle. Just a week ago google brought me to a blog on a topic I was researching, and as I read the blog, I saw that the author (who is several states away and doesn't know you personally) follows you here. Your words can reach farther than you will ever know to change so many perspectives and brighten so many days. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I have enjoyed visiting your place during these years with babes. To encourage me on this sweet journey. warmly from Mary Brooke
PS I wrote that about peach cobbler...I was thinking of the berry tarts you posted when I bought some tiny red china pie dishes at Target

Natalie said...

I know how you feel as I get tired of my blog too and talk to it "stop pressuring me to write"- lol! Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you by saying I love reading your words and hearing your heart here as real, live, face to face sharing is not always or often enough possible. If this is the message that God is giving you in this season, then He means for you to share it. Someone else does need to hear it- over and over. I know I do!

tonia said...

So. with you. I am highly annoyed with my blog right now too. :) And in full ignoring mode. You and I are just about twins, Andrea. Love you to pieces.