Sunday, October 30, 2011

Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts

practicing hard eucharisteo
a birthday party had early before the storm
a warm house, fireplace, warm drinks

practicing hard eucharisteo
Fernando Ortega station on Pandora
"It is well" playing to remind me of what is most important
husband readying our house for possible power outage
thankful for his hard work to keep us warm and not in the dark
church cancelled because of an October Nor'easter
being able to really rest on the Sabbath
spending time together in one room all day
finding creative ways to cook meals

thankful for the gas stove
thankful for running, clean water
fire going all day
the comforts of home
conversations with my children
being able to sit and just "be"
but also clean out some cabinets (a chore that was irritating me)
local pizza place open

Legos from 6-year-old's BD party to keep the children busy all day
2 year old in footy jammies all day
sun shining bright
knowing this snow will melt
practicing hard eucharisteo
6 year old Halloween baby
sweet words from a friend: "bless your little southern heart."
practicing hard eucharisteo


contentedsparrow said...

yes, it surely WILL melt and it does look stunningly beautiful in the meantime! :) i love the cozy day you got to have, as well. really and truly a gift.
as you are to me, dear friend.

Aimee said...

I am trying not to laugh b/c I just love that you kept throwing in "practicing hard eucharisteo"... still praying that you and Megan move to the sunny South :)

Linda said...

A wonderful list Andrea.
I remember those nor'easter days well. Just snuggle up and hopefully the sun will take care of it all in a few days.

Kim Hyland said...

"fire going all day, the comforts of home, conversations with my children, being able to sit and just "be". This sounds like a perfect day. So glad God redeemed it for you!

Christine said...

Oh, yes, an October snowstorm must NOT have made you happy. :P But counting the gifts can keep you near His warm heart even in the cold. xoxo