Monday, October 10, 2011

On Friendship.

Please take a moment and read these life-giving words on friendship. It seems so many of you were so touched by my last post of "Loving Well." The people who I call "friend" are treasured people. They are not just a passing person in my life. I try to love them well, and I suppose that I expect them to love me well in turn. Then I know I've got something to treasure and love. Above all, let's not forget that Jesus will always be that One, True, Friend.

These simple words "It's never the wrong time to call on Toad. Early of late he's always the same fellow. Always good-tempered, always glad to see you, always sorry when you go!"~~-Kenneth Graham. I've spent some treasured and memorable time the past couple of weekends, each with a different family of very dear friends, and have spent many of the moments in-between-times pondering the idea and out-workings of friendship (that leaves you with the no-other-quite-like-it feeling of having been friended), what it is and how and why. What makes a friendship special and why it would be so.

Seems, a friend likes you just as you are, and enjoys you, because of (without a doubt who they are as well as) who you are. A friend, is sincerely glad to see you or hear you, and lights up at the sight of you or the sound of your voice making your/or it's way, his or her way. A friend knows you--beyond superficial (by degrees and ever longs to know you more), because they listen to you and hear you, and thoughtfully respond to you by turns, in return.

A friend graciously and non judgementally knows what you meant to say even though you may not have said it well, though only the best that you could. A friend, takes what you offer--the good and the not so good--and sifts it all through their greater and sensitive understanding of you overall, and their heart of love, covering you, believing in you, desiring God's very best for you and for yours in every single way. A friend, makes sacrifices of their time and giftings, as best and as often as able--who they are and what they have, and finds joy in return simply in the doing so. The tip of the iceberg of my ponderings. How very grateful I am for the love and shared lives of my friends (among whom are many of you, and for this I thank you, far more than just thank-you).

~Jewels On this day


contentedsparrow said...

as one who all too often jumbles her words and can't get what i really mean to come out, i so appreciated jewels's words, "A friend graciously and non judgementally knows what you meant to say even though you may not have said it well, though only the best that you could."
oh, to have a friend like that is gift indeed.
thank you for taking me messy and all, andrea.
i really do love you.

Lorilee said...

Thanks, this was good.

I have been trying to do better being a friend lately. It is frusterating that life gets in the way and messes up priorities so easily.