Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday five

1. What I'm never going to tell you This...Yes!!! And though this is painful to hear, it is real truth and strangely, such freedom. I definitely want to write some thoughts on this next week.
2. I can't believe it's November. Can you?
3. We have decided to drink the kool-aid and go to Disney World in January. I'm really looking forward to it.
4. My 2 year old prefaces every sentence with: "Mommy...Mommy... Mommy!!" It's alternatively cute and nerve-wracking. :)
5. Know yourself mother! Another great read.
Have a fabulous weekend.


Linda said...

Andrea, I just read Elizabeth's post - so full of wisdom.
I think you'll have great fun at Disney World. Can you believe I've never gone? We couldn't quite manage it when all the kids were little, and now I have this empty nest. I'll just enjoy it through you!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to have Disney to look forward to in January!That's a great way to warm up in the dead of winter, for sure!


Anonymous said...

A, That is an amazing article by Elizabeth...I want to read it with my husband. Enjoying the journey with 5 children with you....we are well..enjoying the southern fall and soccer...and everything...but also trying, trying to find a bit of balance. love to you Mary Brooke

Natalie said...

What a great post by ELizabeth, thanks for sharing! You're going to Disney World ?!? YAY!!!

Stacy said...

Wow about Elizabeth's post. Thank you for linking to that. I hadn't read it yet.

It is so, so true and I see it more and more... just makes me want to pray more because it's ALL GOD, all of it.

*love you*