Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday five

1. Harry Potter. My children are obsessed. I know, I know--"She let's her children read Harry Potter?" Yes, I do. I used to be totally against it. Witchcraft? Wizards? No thanks. Not for my children. But then I read this article and I changed my stance. I always think it's best to let a fad run it's course first before deciding if my children should have a part of it. That's just me. The rule in the house is that you must read the book before you can watch the movie. I've changed my stance on many ideals. It's good to do that, I think. To know that the Christian life is not about blacks and whites. But there is much gray. And we are always changing. I like that.
2. I enjoyed the leaves on the trees for about 5 minutes this week. Now there is a huge gusty wind and they are all falling off. But we've had some warm days this week and I've been thankful for that. Still not ready to embrace winter yet.
3.Did you know Etsy is a great place to Christmas shop? I just got a lot of my Christmas shopping done on Etsy this week.
4. Last year I had the privilege of sitting in a small group of women in a living room and listening to Sally Clarkson share stories of mothering. One thing that stuck with me is her encouragement in that a lot of parenting is saying, "not this. this.". This is constant in my home. "That was not a kind way to talk. This way would have been nicer." I'm big on speaking kindly in my home. Anyway, on weeks (like this one) where I feel like that's all I'm saying, it's nice to know I am doing what I am supposed to.
5. Just been thinking all week about How God really knows how to meet needs. How He goes before us in all situations and how comforting that is.
Have a wonderful weekend!


contentedsparrow said...

Andrea, ditto on Harry Potter! I also changed my stance and my Eli? He is flying through those books a day at a time (2 for the longer ones)! I'm constantly amazed, "You're done with it already??!" He's chomping at the bit for me to pick up #6 and #7 at the library today. I've worked it into school by going over vocabulary words and comprehension questions with him. He's going to be sad when he finishes. I heart seeing him curled up all over the house with his nose in a book. Something I'm not quite sure I'll ever see my secondborn doing but that's OK. God's created him for doing and climbing and making and I love him that way. :)

And wasn't that just awesome? The Farmer and THE PIGS and the dirt and GOD j.u.s.t. knowing and working out every detail. Awesome. Can't stop thinking about them on their last day there and then traveling. I know you and I are joined in prayer for them.

Love you, girl! Enjoy the sunshine.

Christine said...

I love reading what's going on with you. :) We are huge Harry Potter fans here. I've never quite understood the Christian anti-Harry Potter side that yet embraces Tolkien and Lewis. Loved that article you linked to!

I have done a bit of Etsy shopping. Maybe I'll have to d some more...any suggestions?