Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let the mother play for goodness sakes!

I've gotten a few emails lately on burn out. It might be that time of year where the newness of the new school year has worn off and we're in the nitty gritty. I know I've written extensively about the subject here, along with my own experiences with burn out.

It seems to me that a huge part of burn-out is the mother not allowing herself to "play". I think of Karen Andreola, writer of the Charlotte Mason Companion urging: "Let the mother out to play!" This could mean many things. A day away from the children, doing what you love to do, time to clean out that drawer that has been bothering you, re-arranging the furniture in your house, taking time to exercise, meeting a friend for tea and uninterrupted conversation, reading a book, and so on. The principle is that you take time away from the duties in your life and just "play" so it refreshes you. Of course, that is just a start when you are dealing with burn out/depression. I also just wanted to direct you all to Elizabeth's posts on burnout as well as a very good post by my friend Kristen on Building An Anchor.


corli said...

Love this, the concept of play.It is not just the children of today who need more play! Inspiring.

Leeta Harding said...

Thanks once again, I needed a dose of your great writing and wisdom. We gather our eggs and keep them close to our breast, warm. Like precious gold. xoLeeta