Monday, November 28, 2011

Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts


a safe trip to and from Utah where my in-laws live
relatively easy flight with 5 children
having the opportunity to visit one of my favorite states
the mountains on the way in
cafe rio, cafe trang, crown burgers, the fabulous folks at chick-fil-a
planning and cooking dinner with my mother in laws and sister in laws
sharing the load of the work in the kitchen
a crowded Thanksgiving table
lots of cousins
delicious stuffing
delicious apple pie
visiting dear friends
a grocery store turned aquarium
one of the best massages ever
traveling the streets of downtown Salt Lake with a grin on my face
seeing how the Lord placed me there so perfectly
in awe of His ways
my favorite boutique
listening to Christmas music while browsing
meeting a dear friend for lunch
sharing about contentment and gratitude
thankful she is still in my life in a small way
spending time with family
sharing hearts
a day to get the house in order before starting a new week
routine and order
getting out ourJesse Tree devotional book and setting up our tree
a paper garland from her waiting for me in the mail
a box of goodies from Mountain Rose Herbs to make some Christmas gifts with


Leeta Harding said...
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Leeta Harding said...

Hello Andrea, I'm writing a second comment after the first one didn't publish. Let's see if I can remember what I said...Thank you for your beautiful prose. Glad you had a smooth trip with all five. Wow, that's a feat unto itself. Wonderful memories instilled with family, indelible and vital. Thanks for sharing your glimmering photo with it's layers of things from your home. Lovely. I still have to settle in with 1000 gifts. Soon I hope. Trying to balance taking time out. Happy Holidays! xLeeta