Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday threes

Okay, so it's not "Friday five" but "Thursday three's".
1. I can't believe it will be Thanksgiving next week. I think I've learned to do a lot of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, because as soon as Thanksgiving is over the holidays are in full swing. I'm a slow learner.
2. What are your kids asking for this Christmas? I used to go back and forth whether I would let them write a Christmas list or not. I think I've found a good rhythm with it. They write a list (which, honestly, I like, because I get to see what their true "wants" are...), then we do
Operation Christmas Child (which is so rewarding to do with the children), then we make a "wish list" from the Compassion International catalog on what we would like to give, and then through the holidays we have a "Jesus Jar" in which we put money into it for "Jesus' birthday", which will eventually go towards the Compassion's children's needs.
3. I'm taking a break to enjoy Thanksgiving week next week. See you after that! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Lorraine R. said...

1. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week either!!
2. My husband is unemployed (for the first time ever! and going on 9mos.) The kids understand what Christmas is about and they are not asking for a whole lot. It's really hard. We're taking this unfortunate opportunity to really drive home the true meaning of Christmas. For the first time we've looked through World Gospel Missions' catalog and are having them pick out what they want to give, and they know that the money used for that is a portion of what we would have spent on them.
It's a struggle though, we thought that we tried to cut back,before but it's never been this deep of a cut!!
3. I'm not ready for Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas!! Gotta get myself in gear!!

Sandi said...

The Jesus Jar is a great idea and we love doing the boxes.
Happy Thankgiving!

Leeta Harding said...

Loving guidance!