Sunday, December 11, 2011

Multitude Monday: 1000 gifts

The rude man working the deli counter
A nice stranger behind me
Speaking truth words to him
A response, other than rudeness, from him
Empathy from my children. "What's wrong, mama?"
A successful birthday sleepover party
Blessing my 11 (!) year old daughter
Surviving a hard week
Ending it with a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner with dear friends


The Wild Optimist said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful! And your list is too. I hope that this week is easier, and you find joy in it.

contentedsparrow said...

Yes, His grace fresh for you this week, this day, this hour! I pray His presence is palpable and your week is calm. Maybe there will be sunshine, too!

Lovely tree, by the way. Oh, and I squinted to see the reclaimed wood frames on the wall in the background and love them! And you. Be blessed today, friend.