Monday, January 09, 2012


I always have grand plans in January. I love new starts, I love beginnings. I always think I will spend a day in early January reflecting on my past year, assessing what I've done and experienced, and perhaps coming up with a few resolutions or "word for the year." In theory, I love all of these things. In reality, it is hard to actually do. I'm such an idealist.
But, thankfully, as Christians, we always have new beginnings. (Is that an oxymoron?) We can always be assured that we can start over, begin again, and have new starts. His mercies are new every morning.
Even though I didn't ritually sit down and plan to have new resolutions for the year, I do have some that have come about quite naturally.
1. Read the Bible in 90 days. I just started today. I did this last year with my friend Natalie as an accountability partner. We are now doing it again together this year. I strongly recommend an accountability partner if you are undertaking this. It's one of the best things I've ever done. I am hoping it jump starts me to a solid morning routine which I have been lacking in.

2. I began to knit a hat for my 3rd daughter. Last winter I knitted a scarf for my 2nd oldest. This year it's her turn for some mama-made. Clearly, I am a slow knitter. But she will get her hat sooner or later!

3. As if I didn't have enough reading for the year, I plan this year to do more of that. I've been keeping a yearly log of books I've read the past 3 years, and it's been so fulfilling. What a combination: The autobiography of Keith Richards and the Bible. What can I say? I like variety. I am also reading Honey for a Woman's Heart by Gladys Hunt. The nerd in me loves it. It's basically a book about books and reading.

4. I'm on instagram!! So you can follow me at birchmama if you like. I'm also doing the instagram photo a day in January. I love seeing everyone's photos. Check mine out at #instagramphotoaday.
5. Healthy eating and exercise. This is always a goal of mine. Mainly I am trying to tone up my body, and I plan to do a 2 mile race in March. Better start up my Couch to 5K again....
How about you? Any beginnings you'd like to share?


Sheila said...

I'm doing a photo of the day at a new blog: I don't have an iPhone. :)
I like the list of ideas of photos to take. I think that will be the challenge on those "blah" days.

I'm reading through the New Testament in a year. Discipleship Journal has the reading plan.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! V and I actually got to sit down together and discuss goals and vision and "who we are" parents of 5 we needed to focus in on what's important. 1 thing is discipline in the ways you mentioned. It was so helplful to me to write down who we are and so forth.
Love to you! Mary Brooke
PS if you could share you Disney plans with me, I'd love to keep the notes. it may be 3 years for us and I'd like to cover the main joys there...not too complicated and off season too.

Christine said...

I didn't know Gladys Hunt had a book for women!! I have the CHild's one, but have got to get the other. Love your goals! I'm one who adores the newness too.