Thursday, February 23, 2012

4 ways to be a better friend

4 Ways to be a Better Friend

1. People are the Priority:

What’s more of a priority than a person?

2. Live Maskless:

Bare your faults and the foibles and messy laundry room. The only way to see into another soul — is to be transparent yourself.

3. Speak Life:

Share freely of your feelings because this may just free us – of the prisons of protection we’ve bound ourselves in.

Only speak words that make souls stronger — and speak ill of no one and well of everyone.

4. Get together:

Put on the kettle. Set an extra plate at the table. Call her and ask her if she wants to go for walk. Write a letter. Pick up the phone.

Get together in real life —

Please, friends, go read the entire post on this 4 Ways to be a Better Friend

Because I have been deeply hurt by women who have put friendship on the back burner to focus on tasks, I have determined not to be like that. It is very important for me to nurture real-life friendships, and when I do find a friend who reaches out to me, I do not take it for granted. I pray you are blessed by this post today and that it gives you hope if you have been hurt and if you have hurt others.


Clare said...

Thank you for re-posting this Andrea. Such an important message. I really struggled to maintain friendships when Alex, my son, was ill for an extended time and I wasn't coping. (and we were living in a new area and didn't know that many people yet anyway!) His illness made it challenging to go to others houses and disruptive when people were over (especially as I felt I didn't know my new friends that well yet) so I retreated and survived on facebook and text communication and felt horribly isolated! Connecting with your real life friends in real life is so important. We were designed to be in fellowship with others, but friends don't make themselves :P

contentedsparrow said...

Yes, Andrea. I JUST read these words and then popped over to catch up with my friend, Andrea, to find them posted again. Your thoughts on Ann's post and friendship soo mirror my own.
Girl, I can't wait to nurture our REAL-LIFE friendship, soon.
Much love tonight.

Famaddict said...

Just so you know, if I had to list the top five loving friend gestures I have ever received, more than one would be from you. You are a very caring friend in real life. xo