Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday five: Five quotes

Really enjoyed these quotes around the web this week:(and the posts that go with it!)

1. "I keep saying I haven't had the time to do so. But I'm not really a believer in that kind of talk. We make "time" for the things most important to us." ~Amanda Soule Lessons in the walls
2. "Now, shyness, on the other hand, is about a fear of negative social judgment. So you can be introverted without having that particular fear at all, and you can be shy but also be an extrovert." ~Unleashing the power of introverts.
3. "Sure, dating is dangerous but so is courtship. What could be more dangerous than going into a lifelong commitment without a true understanding of how relationships work? And doesn't marriage break your heart sometimes?" ~Cindy Where have all the men gone?
4. "God slowly showed me that I am responsible to craft a life in which I can last long term with joy and pleasure of my own crafting along the way, so that I can maintain the ideals I have established for myself.
And in the midst of living an interesting life–my children have also become crafters of beauty and pleasure."
~Sally Sacrifice--yes, Mundane--shoot me now"
5."It's tempting when you're in the middle of a daily photo project to live behind the vision of an artificial lens." ~Tonia True lens