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Mom Heart Online
You all know my passion for encouraging mothers. At least I hope you do! (hee) Motherhood is a journey that *must* be taken with other mothers---- to encourage, to pray with and for, to support and to help each other among other things.

I have waited for a long time to announce this! I am so excited to share that
Sally Clarkson has started (along with many, many helpers!) a wonderful new "Mom Blog" called MomHeart. And guess what? I am a contributor! I feel so very happy and (very, very!) humbled (and unequipped!) to be a part of this vision that will reach mothers all over the world.

I can't wait to read posts from all the contributors and grow in my mothering as well. If you know anything about Sally, you know that she has a deep passion for encouraging and equipping mothers. I have no doubt this blog will help so many and also change many lives.

Come back tomorrow to find out more about the blog, and to be put in a drawing for a free book from Sally Clarkson!

More about Sally and her ministry:

Mom Heart Online

The ocean of “mom blogs” on the Internet seems to grow wider and deeper every day. You already know that it is impossible to follow every good blog you find as you surf that ocean. If you did, there wouldn’t be much time left for mothering! So, you are right to want to know what makes Mom Heart Online different. Out of all the wonderful mom blogs wanting and deserving your attention, why should you visit us here? Why is it worth your valuable time to spend time here.
​Mom Heart Online is spiritual harbor. We’re here not just to bring you in to stay, but also to send you out to sail. We are a place any mom can come to be encouraged, equipped, and enabled as a mother after God’s heart. We are here to inspire and engage your heart with great content that calls you to a high vision for your life as a mother, to create an online community of moms where you can network and interact with others who share your heart, to train you how to easily start and lead your own Mom Heart Group to continue in life what you find online, and to provide quality and original materials and resources that will fill your heart and mind with life-changing wisdom and truth. That’s why!

Mom Heart Ministry

Mom Heart Online is one part of our larger Mom Heart Ministry vision to start an international movement of small groups for mothers to restore moms’ hearts to God’s heart for motherhood. We believe that God designed a mother not only to give life biologically, but also to give life spiritually to her children, her home, and the world around her. Motherhood was in the heart of God at creation, is affirmed throughout Scripture, and is a critical and strategic part of God’s design for the family. We’re here to help you become the woman and mother God designed you to be.

Whole Heart Ministries

Clay and Sally Clarkson founded Whole Heart Ministries in 1994. Its mission has never changed: To encourage and equip Christian parents to raise wholehearted children for Christ. They have pursued that mission through ministries of speaking, teaching, training, writing, and publishing that focus on the biblical and practical aspects of home nurture, home discipleship, and home education. Their heart is to come alongside Christian parents to help them prepare their children to become Christian leaders in the next generation.

Sally Clarkson

The heart of Mom Heart Ministry is Sally Clarkson. Sally is the mother of four wholehearted children—Sarah (1984), Joel (1986), Nathan (1989), and Joy (1995). Before marrying Clay in 1981, she earned a degree in Speech/English, ministered to students and executives, and was a missionary in Communist Poland. After Clay completed seminary, they went on to serve as missionaries in Austria and as staff with several churches before starting Whole Heart Ministries in 1994. Sally and Clay home educated all of their children through High School.

For over two decades Sally has championed Christian motherhood in North America and in many foreign countries. She has written six popular books on motherhood, several of which have been translated into Chinese, Dutch, French, Korean, and other languages. She has encouraged mothers since 1998 through over fifty Mom Heart Conferences in seven states, and through speaking nationally and internationally. Her personal blog, I Take Joy (, draws more than 100,000 visitors each month from all over the world. She trains and disciples mothers in ministry, and leads a local Bible study that draws up to eighty women into her home each month. She loves discipleship.


Children of Eve said...

Looking forward to enjoying MomHeart, Andrea!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

Congratulations on having this new opportunity to share with other moms. I'll be stopping by MomHeart to see what you, Sally and all the others have to say! It's exciting to see what God will do through you.

Kim Hyland said...

Andrea, I just looked at the site. It's beautiful and so is your picture! Congratulations! I can't wait to read you there, and I know God will fully equip you for the task. XO

Anonymous said...

Awesome! So thrilled that you will be able to reach so many more with your gift of encouragement and beautiful words.