Tuesday, March 06, 2012

the only rule is love.

Last week Liz Riveria asked me to make a meal for Sara.
Her husband was dying.
I said: "yes, yes, of course" and went about my week.
Sara's husband had done quite well for close to 5 years with the cancer. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, that he was in so much pain that they had to clean out his desk at work.
They were spending all day at the hospital and needed a hot meal to come home to.
I said I'd do it: make a meal.
But then there was laundry, and sickness, and school, and messes, and fights, and errands, and husband's late nights, and this, and that, and I almost forgot.
And I almost called Liz up and said: "hey, you know I just can't do it this week, I've got too much going on.." and I also thought to myself: "I just don't have it together to make my own family a meal."
But thankfully I thought of something quick and delicious to make. In my mind, the task was so big, but in reality, the time and effort it took wasn't.

I'm so glad I said yes.

Sara's husband died today and I called her and I tried to hold back the tears, and she sounded so calm and sweet, and do you know what she said to me?
"We've just been eating on your taco soup every night. It's so delicious."

And I was glad I'd said "yes" and even more glad that I sacrificed my time for her..a simple gesture that meant so much. How could I have known how much it meant?

We don't always know what our simple gestures of love really mean.
We don't know what our sacrifices of time to show love to someone really mean.
I'd wished I'd taken even more time: to make some corn muffins, some homemade chocolate chip cookies.
"We've just been eating on your taco soup all week."

Love in a word is the gift of self. ~Pope John Paul II


Anonymous said...

Love this! Trying to be better in this area. Thanks for the encouragement.

Linda said...

This is so true Andrea. It always amazes me - the way He takes our little and makes of it something so big. He just touches it with His grace.
This was beautiful.

Sandi said...

Beautiful! So encouraging.

Love is giving ones self...to our kids, husbands and neighbours. Lord help me give of myself!

Sheila said...

Thanks! I needed this encouragement today.

Aimee said...

I am laying here in bed crying while reading this. It really touched my soul. Bringing a meal to a new mama tomorrow night and I JUST wrote down all that I am making for her and then I read this :) Even though I feel so drained and tired, you have encouraged me to know that it will bless and show love.

Natalie said...

Oh Andrea. Thank you for sharing! You have encouraged me to love well!

Alicia said...

Oh, yes- those small things that really aren't so small. I call them loaves and fishes moments. So glad God multiplied your act of love. Thanks for sharing

~nanashouse~ said...

My feelings and thoughts are so raw. Why can't we get beyond our own screaming needs to reach the same of our loved ones? Thank you for sharing.

emily said...

oh, this is so right on. i completely relate to how it seemed a much bigger task in your mind - i can over-think and complicate the thing in my mind, to the point of creating this angst about it. needless angst! if i just *do* the thing, trusting Him for the resources and outcome ... i am ALWAYS glad to have done it. like you, wished i'd done even more.

Kim Hyland said...

Thank you for this, Andrea. It makes me think how often I miss the opportunity to bless because of busyness or because I feel like I can't do enough . . so I do nothing. Taco soup sans muffins and cookies is so much better than an empty bowl and the love and opportunity missed.

Ann Kroeker said...

To listen closely, as you did, to the niggles and nudges of the Holy Spirit makes all the difference. Otherwise, we can do ourselves in by forging ahead no matter what, or throw in the towel and miss an opportunity.

This story is such a beautiful story of daily obedience and faith. The Lord doesn't always let us see behind the door what happens after we drop off the soup. Here, He did. And as you share the story, you encourage us all to follow the Lord's lead.

Thank you, Andrea.

Amy Sullivan said...

Clicked over because Ann K. just tweeted about you. So glad I did. Beautiful write.

Charity Singleton said...

The Bible warns us about not growing weary in doing good. You've just shown us what that means. The good we do matters to others. And if nothing else, it matters to Jesus. (Even a cold cup of water given in Jesus' name.)