Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'll admit, I love fashion. Why do I cringe when I say that? Why does admitting that feel like a crime? Maybe in my cerebral (and, yes, prideful!) way of thinking, I think it is a petty thing to like. Or maybe I feel like admitting that will cause people to judge me for my interests and likes. But..hey. This is me and this is what I like. I like looking pretty, I like dressing up--not just for a special occasion, but for every day life. I can't tell you how many dresses in my closet that I've bought on sale for "date night". And friends? With five children, a date night like that happens maybe once a year. ;) So I just need to wear them already. But here is another strange thing that happens when I put myself together. People will say: "oh my goodness! you are so dressed up!" Frankly, that makes me feel so insecure! "Really? And?" I want to say. I wore small kitten heels to church one Sunday and someone said to me: "So you really like wearing heels?" And this was over 11 years ago and I still think about it every time I get dressed for Sunday. Because I don't wear heels on Sunday for fear that someone will make a comment about them. I know, so weird!
I like fashion, I like style. I like clothes!!  I like shoes!! So what's the big deal? I say wear what you've got sweetie, because as was said in this fabulous post :

Face it: This is your life, and there’s no reason not to look nice for it, every day. Wearing something you love makes this day a good day, in a way that tossing on those sad yoga pants just doesn’t. Don’t wait around for something style-worthy to pop up on your calendar — get dressed for each day as though it really mattered. Because honestly, it does.

Yes! It does!!


Coming out of the closet  and Finding our own beauty


Linda said...

Love this Andrea because I have had the very same feelings. We attend saturday evening service at our church and I feel so out of place just wearing a skirt instead of slacks or jeans.
I've decided I'm just going to wear some of the beautiful skirts I have hanging in my closet (they haven't seen the light of day for ages!)
Thanks for writing this.

flo said...

Yes, girl! Wear it, and feel good about it.:)

The girls and I went to a special place for afternoon tea and they know that's if it's teatime then they have to dress up. It makes me so happy.

I'm just sitting here reading blogs and wearing a favorite dress. Why not, right?

tonia said...

YAY!! I'm over here on the this side of the continent dressing up for soccer games and grocery store trips...we've got this thing covered girl. :) A dressing-revolution!

Mrs. Pivec said...

Love it! I love dressing up too, Andrea. I also like the option NOT to, but though I can't afford everything I would like, I do like what I've managed to get (thrift stores, dear, dear friends)and love the opportunity... - or no opportunity at all ;) - to wear them whenever I can.

Sara said...

I love wearing skirts, especially in the summer---makes me feel so much more feminine. I'm a bit too wimpy when it's cold. I don't think I have much fashion sense, so I admire people like you who do. I tend to stick to simple classics. I'm learning to dress up more often--wear jewelry even if I'll be home all day. I have a friend who enjoys dressing up for everyday, and I love that about her. One nice thing about being older (I'm only 36--but I mean as opposed to being in my 20s) is that I don't really care as much about what others think as I used to. I love the quote at the end of your post.

Gypsy_Cowgirl said...

Girl, you look hot when you dress up! Wear your heels and show off those loooong legs than make stubby old me look like I fell in a hole! lol
Seriously, I love when you show your sense of style, probably even more so because I don't have the energy or lifestyle for one. Sometimes I show up at church in no make-up and clothes that could double as pj's or in something a little too skin-bearing because I spent the previous three hours sweating at a little league game, or sometimes I smell like my horses, and once in a while I actually dress for the occasion. But you always look put together so well and I notice that and it makes me smile to know that you got to primp a little for that day when you could sit beside your husband with his arm around you and your lipstick just right. It's sweet. And it's part of how God made you, and something your man obviously appreciates.
Someone said to me that they try each day to dress as if they had an appointment with the Lord, who doesn't care about frills but does care about neatness and mostly cares that we are who He made us to be. So I say work it until it just doesn't work. :-) And next time you come over, I expect at least an extra 2" of height.

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I have often felt the same way about make-up and jewelry. Many times I have second guessed whether it is OK or acceptable or proper or appropriate or CHRTISTIAN enough to be wearing lipstick and jewelry along with a skirt and heels. So many homeschooling christian women do not do any of these things. For years I had felt like I shouldn't either, but my heart loves these things. I love to dress up, do my hair, etc. I've decided that as long as my motives are good and pure and I am modest enough in coverage, anything else I like is fair game. Why lose my personality for the sake of being accepted in the eyes of the most conservative women, who, by the way, shouldn't really be judging me anyway ;)