Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Doing the work

The Christian life in a relationship with Jesus Christ is a careful combination of watching, waiting and...working. The trick is figuring out which one to do at any number of time. That takes a lot of prayer and seeking Him--having a tender heart towards Him and His people the Lord has put in your life. I do know for a long while I worked at a lot. I didn't know much about waiting and watching. Then there came a period of fallowness where I waited...and watched. And waited. And watched. I had worked too much at my life; trying to make it what I wanted, that I didn't let go and let God work out what He wanted. I'm still learning that delicate balance and probably always will, with His help, of course.

I've learned that it's important to do all three, and there are seasons where we must watch, where we must wait, and where we must work.

The working part is where I am at now. The hard work of renewing my mind daily; with Scripture and prayer. Taking each day as it comes, not allowing myself to get pulled down into the future what-ifs. It takes work to undo the throes of Satan and our own voices in our heads that threaten us. So many times I let it get out of hand and then I remember: oh yeah, now I must work.

"Work has been done, is being done, and will be done until we are parted by death. As a work in progress--friendship is never finished--our love is a shape shifter, a garden for tending, a working title...."
~Austin Sailsbury "Kinfolk Magazine" volume 3.


Alicia said...

Taking each day as it comes.. sounds easy but can feel so hard. I, too, can drown in what-ifs when my mind isn't fixed on Christ. I love your reminder about seasons- am just finishing Mark Buchanan's book about that very idea. Blessings from Iowa!

Gypsy_Cowgirl said...