Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been over a month since my trip to Savanah with my girls. (I miss them all so much--even you, little girlfriends!!) On the last day we were there, MeganAimee, and I went to Bonaventure cemetary.

It is a beautiful, haunting, magical place. Megan has a lot more beautiful pictures on her blog of that time.

I was so struck by the lovely epitaphs there. So simple and so true. "Devout wife, Christian mother, Faithful friend". That just about sums up what I hope to achieve in this life.

"She has left to her children the priceless example of a pure and useful life."

Wow. So simple and so....hard to do.
In what ways can I show an example of a pure and useful life?

Though I am in no place to think about what I would like my epitaph to say, it is quite humbling to think how my family and others will remember me?
Will my children remember my frustrations with them or my kindness to them?

I hope so much to be a faithful friend.
I hope so much to be a devout wife to my husband. One who loves well and serves well and sacrifices well.
I hope so much to be a Christian mother...leading by example and with my words.

A post I wrote about my beloved grandmother here.

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debbie bailey said...

Bonaventure Cemetery is a captivating place. I once spent almost a whole day there taking photographs and just reveling in the silence of the place. I love reading old epitaphs, too. Some are funny, and others are poignant. They also inspire me to live a better life, so that one day someone will write something good on my tombstone.