Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food Swap Revolution

I first heard about a Food Swap from Laurel. She had had much success doing one with a small number of people and her success made me think: hey! I could do that here! I had a few fears: 1. will anyone even know what a food swap is? 2. will anyone even come? 3.will it be successful here?
I decided to just do it and see what would happen.

 I invited a lot of people. I kept it to groups I knew about like people in my church, the home schooling group, local "foodies" I knew would be interested. Laurel had 8 women participate the first time and it was a great starting number. I was hoping for 8!

 Some of my fears did come to pass: women asked me: "what's THAT?", they stressed out about what they would make --(seriously it's supposed to be FUN and EASY people!), some people said, "well i can't can" (it's not just about canning) which all made me think: " is anyone even going to come???!!" geez, all the QUESTIONS! ;)
Just come and have FUN!

 I was so thankful to about 10-15 women who rsvp'd and said it sounded "so fun" and were excited, not stressed, about it. (Ladies, thank you ALL for that encouraging response.)

Ya know, we build up these things in our heads and then it hinders us from doing some really fun things. 

And we miss out on the good stuff.

ps. want to start a Food Swap Revolution? 
Here is a good place to start.


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ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I'm so sorry I missed this first swap :( Please, Please, Please...post the date for the next one sooner than later so that we can clear our schedules! I don't want to miss the next one, it looks like so much fun!

I am so curious: What items appeared at the first swap?