Friday, August 31, 2012

Lying fallow

 The word "fallow" can mean: "the tilling of land without sowing it for a season."
When I think about where I am in life right now, that word keeps coming to my mind. There are so many changes occurring right now, that it is hard for me to think that I am producing anything. I have so much on my mind and on my plate that I feel it leaves little room for anything else, (including this blog!) beyond taking care of my own family's needs beyond this point.
I am lying fallow for a season.

My oldest daughter started college in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and on the flip side, I am potty training. Talk about polar opposites!
We have bought a new home which is taking up a lot of time, getting it ready to move in.
I am taking each day as it comes, trying to process all this new information as it comes, and attend to the daily details of a life with five children and a husband, and all that entails.
Trying to give myself space to lie fallow and enjoy the quiet when I can.

I pray that my experiences will be able to be shared one day soon. I don't feel like I have much of a voice, now. I think for now, if the words come...great...but I would like to share a small bit of words, and many photos here for a bit.

I will, however, be sharing once a month on the MomHeart blog. I think that is all the brain cells I can muster at this point. :) In a couple of weeks I am headed to Denver, Colorado to meet with Sally Clarkson at her home, along with the other Mom Heart writers, for a much needed retreat. I am really looking forward to this time of sharing hearts, and being rejuvenated in my writing and just in *life*. What a gift that weekend will be.

As for now, sweet friends, I appreciate you coming to this space. It has and always will be an important place for me. My words will be few, but I will still be here. Blessings to you all.


megan@contentedsparrow said...

sounds p.e.r.f.e.c.t., andrea.

Clare said...

How exciting! A new home :) Lots of work though...with all these changes it sounds like you are doing the right thing, looking after yourself :) I pray that this is a wonderful time of rest and growth for you Andrea xx

I have been doing a similar thing, which is why I haven't popped over to comment for a while (and decided to re-delete everyone on FB who wasn't an overseas cousin, or my bff who lives in switzerland :). I am almost at a point where I can tell you that, on the other side of the busyness, discomfort and rest, it's awesome, not quite there yet, but I can feel it! Blessings to you Andrea xx

Kat said...

Lying fallow...this post was perfect! :)