Tuesday, October 02, 2012

31 days of encouragement: 2/31

What are some ways you can encourage others?
1. call them
2. email them
3. write them a letter/card and send it in the mail
4. ask them how they are doing. Then find a way to let them know what they are doing is great. Recognize their efforts, whatever they may be. Everyone needs words of encouragement at any given time.
5. tell them you are praying for them...and then do it!
6. write scripture on a card and pray it for them. Then give it to them and tell them you've been praying that scripture for them.
7. send them flowers/give them a coffee card

Do you have any other ideas on how to encourage others? Please share!


Becky Thumann said...

Oh, I love that I randomly clicked on your blog via The Nester!

I try to make a habit of thanking people once a day. It's usually a quick email, but sometimes I get all fancy shmancy. I have "I am thankful for ..." tags from Paper Source in my desk at school. I quickly write something down and toss it in another teacher's mailbox.

Also, tonight, my neighbor answered her door weeping. I have no idea what was wrong, and she didn't seem like she had a moment to talk to me about it. I wrote out some encouraging verses on a card and then stuck it under her windshield wiper.

Most of the time, I think people just want to be validated, you know? We're all just people. You and me? We're just trying to do the best we can every day ... and witnessing that? Expressing your sincere and honest thanks or praise or love? That's all we can do, I think.

I looooove this 31 Day topic. So, so glad I found you.

xo B.

Aimee said...

love encouraging others! it not only fills their cup, but mine too! and in all the ways you mentioned...small acts of thoughtful, intentional care...actions that say "I see you and I care about you and the Lord feels the same way"

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I have been most encouraged by those women who have opened up their hearts and lives in a very really tangible way. In a way that lets you into the daily folds of their life. It lets you know that you can reach out for encouragement when you are feeling the need to connect with someone who will care and will listen. The kind of person you can call for no reason, with no excuse, other than you wanted to connect.

In order to be that person, you have to be willing to be vulnerable, be caught at raw moments, and stop what you are doing -without any notice- to listen.

If you reach out to someone when you need it, hopefully they will understand they can reach back.