Thursday, October 04, 2012

31 days of encouragement 3/31 and 4/31

Sorry, everyone.
I missed the boat yesterday. Yes, it was one of *those* days.
For days 3&4 I would like to share some of my favorite encouragement quotes from Christian scholars.

God will not be absent when His people are on trial; he will stand in court as their advocate, to plead on their behalf.  –Charles Haddon Spurgeon

You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are–Max Lucado

Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you–George Mueller
The stars may fall, but God’s promises will stand and be fulfilled. –J. I. Packer

Thank you to all who commented yesterday. I will expound on some of your comments in the future!

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Sheila said...

Good quotes to meditate on. Thanks.