Tuesday, October 09, 2012

31 Days of Encouragement: Day 9

Today I am going to talk about obedience. 
One of the most important ways we can encourage one another as we are commanded to do is to choose to be obedient to Him.
If we are walking with the Lord and seeking Him, then we will most definitely hear from Him. How can we be encouragers if we are not intentional about it. In our flesh, we want to criticize or find fault with people; whether it be our husbands, our children, or people in our lives.
Who has the Lord put in your life?
Who do you have relationships with?
You must encourage those people. It is the way Christians do life together.

Now when I say obedience is the most important aspect of encouragement, I mean this: Is there someone that the Lord brings to mind? Is He asking you to encourage them? With all things in God's economy, He takes a little and multiplies it. This goes for encouragement. What little thing can you do to encourage someone? Is the Lord asking you to do something, say something, to someone? Don't push it away, embrace it...be obedient to His promptings! I will say it until I am blue in the face: Everyone needs encouragement. Every single person on this planet. So don't let an opportunity pass by for encouragement. Be obedient to Him.

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Dana@DeathbyGreatWall said...

Hi Andrea - It was so good to meet you today. Like I said, the moment I saw you, I wondered if you were a blogger. I just took some time to read your blog and I want to encourage you to keep it up as you can. I know your plate is very full, but you have a gift for writing. I think that 31 Days of encouragement is a great idea for a series.