Thursday, December 06, 2012

5 things I'm loving

1. Reading. Books, that is. Here's what's on my list: (for now)

~Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry
~What Are People For? by Wendell Berry
~Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon
~The Path of Loneliness by Elisabeth Elliott
~A Meal With Jesus by Tim Chester

2. Reading blogs not on a reader. I realized that I really love seeing blogs with all the design and creativity on it. I realized if I am reading too many blogs on my reader then I am missing that aspect of it all. (Not like I was getting to much blog reading anyways!) I'm slowly trying to pare down my blog list, and those blogs that I do read, I am making an effort to go to the actual blog page to get the full effect of the layout, etc. All that said, I created a facebook page for my blog. I will post blog updates on there, so if you on on facebook, I invite you to "like" my page. That way, you can click directly on the link and it will take you to my blog post.

3. Knitting. There is something so satisfying about creating something with your hands. And knitting fulfills something in me. There's just something about--following a pattern, making something out of two wooden sticks,  and keeping my hands busy that speaks to me so much.

4. Moisturizing. What? Did you say moisturizing? Oh yes I did. I have begun to really care for my skin in the way of moisturizing. Do you moisturize in the morning and at night? I have always had oily skin so I never felt the need to moisturize. But a few months ago I had a facial and was told that my skin was dehydrated and I needed to moisturize. Can I just say that my skin has never felt so soft or so healthy? And now that I am getting older, I am scared of getting a turkey neck. So I am moisturizing there, too. My favorites are Wedela in the morning, and Clinique at night.

5. My house. We are moving. Only about 10 minutes down the road, but to a home on about 5 acres. I've been enjoying dreaming about what it's going to look like when we are all finished doing some work on it. You can see some of that dreaming on my Pinterest board.


sarah said...

Your own blog layout is lovely, such gentle and soothing colours.

Aimee said...

love Hannah reading blogs without a reader (I have never used a reader because I like to feel like I am really visiting!)....loving crocheting these days...I moisturize in the mornings (Mary Kay)...can't wait to visit your new beautiful home!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Hello! Loved your post on beauty and your 5 things. Cultivating beauty is so important and I so enjoyed this little visit on your blog! I have found, that with our family of 7, I just choose beauty at times over other daily tasks/chores. It's so encouraging to read about here. Moisturizing: I have always loved to! AM and PM. I am interested in your recommendations because currently I use natural, wonderful-feeling Arbonne that I find on ebay. hugs from Mary Brooke

Anonymous said...

Another thing: I have been wanting to try Wendell Berry for so long now. "Jayber Crow" could not hold my attention, so maybe "Hannah" will! I loved the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy..
Mary Brooke

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh, sweet Hannah. Touched me in a way I still can't really describe, all these years later. And "A Meal With Jesus" was read by my husband, devoured, really, and passed on to me. Like a famished child I, too, inhaled it. You'll love it, friend. xo
p.s. the quiet simplicity and beauty of your place is always one my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I love the comment about turkey neck! It makes me laugh even as I type this. But actually, I'm a bit scared, too because I never moisturize or care for my skin at all and I already see signs of aging. Yikes! Maybe that will be one of my new years resolutions.
It's funny that you mentioned the blog reader, too because I just recently started using it and I feel the same way. So, I decided that I would set it as my homepage so that I always know when there is an update on a blog I follow, but I can click through to the actual page when I have a chance to read it. It's sort of like having a friend that always meets you out for coffee, and then when you finally go have a meal at their home, it adds a new layer to your understanding of them as a person.

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