Friday, May 24, 2013

Where there is heart room, there is house room

Are all my 5 readers tired of seeing Jean Valjean/Hugh Jackman's face when they click on my blog? Hmn. Well, maybe not. ~smile~ Can one get tired of seeing Hugh Jackman's face?

Wow, it's been awhile. I have been avoiding my blog. I have made up posts in my head, but never sat down to write them.  I had a talk with two friends about closing down my blog for good. What else can I say that hasn't been said on the World Wide Web? My  7 year blogiversary passed in March. That's ancient in internet years. Can you think of anyone else who has a blog that's been around that long? There are a few of us....
Is my voice *needed* here in internet-land? Do I have time to keep this up? Am I living out my life with integrity in order to share my thoughts? Oh, so much navel-gazing.

This morning I was drying my hair and thinking about how our dear friends are having all SEVEN of my family up to their house for Memorial Day weekend. Events like that never quite happened so much after the birth of our fourth child. People don't quite know what to do with a large family overtaking their home. But..."where there is heart room, there is house room." A quote by Phyllis Stanley, a beautiful, beautiful radiant woman of the Lord. (For just a little taste of this woman's heart, read here.)

Why is hospitality such a lost art in our culture? Sometimes this makes me angry...and weary. Why won't larger families be invited to homes? Is it just larger families or is it our culture? "Where there is heart room, there is house room..."

I'm trying to "be the change." So I will keep blogging and expressing myself and preaching to myself. And I hope that my words will touch hearts deep and speak to them where the Lord might be prompting them. Is there heart room for me amidst all the internet chatter? Will you join me still on this journey of blogging? Will you read? Do you like meeeeee????

Hey guys...leave me a comment on this here post. I want to know who is out there. What are you reading? Share some blogs with me. I'm starting over with my blog roll.  Thanks everyone in advance who comments. I treasure your words.

*edited to add: all these sweet voices here on my blog! I've treasured every comment ! thank you!


Jane said...

Dear Andrea:

You are your entire family are welcome in my home at any time for as long as you'd like to stay!!!

Much love,

Diana J. said...

I love your blog and would love to see more of you!! I have one of your posts printed off in one of my notebooks, and I read it periodically for encouragement. So be assured, you are making a difference!!!


P.S. I too notice invitations decreasing as our family grows, so I am trying to make a point of inviting large families over. The last one nearly fell over with surprise! :)

Gabi Dickinson said...

i'll always read. your blog is a blessing to me.

Stephanie said...

I have only followed your blog for a short while; not even sure I remember how I stumbled upon it... But I appreciate and echo much of what you say. I began blogging 3 years ago out of a deep desire to encourage and a passion to write. I maxed out at 26 followers and feel there is way too much "Internet chatter" as you put it. However, my desire hasn't changed. Therefore I continue to blog, as well, even if only 6 people read it!

Sheila said...

I'm glad to see you back!

I think invitations to any size family are on the decline. Recently, I went through some serious health issues and a kitchen upheaval (not of our choice) and we were invited to a few homes for dinner. I think this was the first time in a long time. There are only 4 in our family.

sarah said...

I know several people (myself included) who have been blogging for seven years or more. It is delightful to have watched their families grow and change over the years ... the lovely newborns now in middle childhood ... the adorable children now flourishing teens. The enduring friendships between mama bloggers :-) I'm a fairly new reader to our beautiful blog but I like it so much :-)

marielast said...

I love to read your blog :) You speak into my life and I often hear what I know God wants me to hear. And as for Hugh Jackman...well he's a favourite of mine too! Love Les Mis. Keep blogging :) Marie x (one of your 5 readers lol) UK

Linda said...

I have been having the same conversation with myself Andrea. I would miss you! We all have something unique to share. There may be nothing really new under the sun, but no-one will say it in just the way you do.
I squealed when I saw Phyllis Stanley's name.I knew her years and years ago. Her mom and dad were our pastors when we lived in Peekskill. Her mom had a profound influence on my life. She is one of the godliest women I have ever known.
Thank you sweet girl. And keep writing!
P.S. My son and daughter-in-law have 5 children:)

Gypsy_Cowgirl said...

You know I love your words, and they bless my soul. No one in this world has your exact perspective or thought process so when you share your heart is IS something that has never been said on the internet, even if a thousand other sites have the same information. I hope you keep the blog going and just post as you have the time and desire. And if you have nothing to say for a while, I'm happy with pictures of Hugh Jackman, too. :-)
And you know that you and your gaggle of kids and hubby are welcome here ANY time for as long as you want. In fact, this summer I hope you all will be up here at the pool any or every day. I'm really missing you lately and am so looking forward to seeing you next Friday. If you have time before then, maybe we can do something here, there or in between.
So, the bottom line is that I love you and I'll take you in any format, as much as you are willing to share. xo

Jaime said...

I have been a long-time follower of your blog, but have never commented (for that I apologize!) Your words are always so sincere and truly bless me :) We too have a family of seven, and pretty much the only place we get invited is my in-laws, haha :) I don't blame people, though---I would be scared to invite all my little kids to run around and make messes too ;) Many blessings to you, and I'm glad you're still posting :)

Dawn's Early Light said...

I'm not afraid of big families... But I see that some people might be. Keep blogging, it's therapeutic! And it inspires others!!

This is my story said...

I've been reading your blog for what seems like forever. One of the few that I come back to again and again. I think I found it through Sara at WalkSlowly. Thank you for all the inspirational post over the years.

Ashley said...

Even though you don't post often, I do love when something from you pops up in my feed reader. I enjoy hearing your thoughts, and find your blog to be one that is a peaceful place for reflection and encouragement. YES keep writing! :)

Anonymous said...

I too love your blog and find great inspiration from your words. Not sure how I originally found you, but you have been a favorite since! I hope you know that your words have blessed and resonated with many. I look forward to future posts.


blessedmommie said...

You have a quiet, gentle soul and a unique perspective. I would miss you if you shut down for good.
We have 3 dc and another arriving in a few weeks. Having two special needs (rambunctious) boys means we don't often get invited places. I am trying to get to a place where I can start doing more of the inviting, even if there are a few meltdowns along the way.

Ami said...

I like you too. I have not been reading blogs as often the past few years, but you were a big encouragement to me in the early years of children. We now have 6 kids - and not many people invite us over. We understand (and there are close friends who have continued to invite us even as we add kids.) We do love having people here.
I know many of my friends feel that their house is too messy or too small to have people over. I guess I feel that my house is messy and small BUT I don't want to forsake fellowship. I actually have parties for our friends where I serve rice and beans and chips and all the fixins and I don't feel abit guilty about that! (Possibly some of the husbands want to stop on the way home for a burger though)

Sandi said...

"... Is there heart room for me amidst all the internet chatter? Will you join me still on this journey of blogging? Will you read? Do you like meeeeee????"

Total stranger here who happened upon your blog randomly... So, I would have to say the answer to your first question is yes! To the second, sure. The third, I have a feeling I will read and read and be blessed. So, yes there, too.

Funny, I have been thinking about doing a blog. I write fiction, short stories mostly. Can you have a blog of just stories? Well...your questions are my questions too. See you out there. ;-)

Marcelle said...

Hi Andrea,
I somehow stumbled on your blog many years ago. I have often been encouraged not only by your words but by your gentle, authentic tone. A fellow introvert, your writing resonates with me.

I found the blog world when my oldest (now 8) was a baby. I was an at-home mama on a fly-in reserve in northern Ontario, Canada. God used you and others online to encourage my heart when fellowship with other believers was a little hard to come by :). I do regret not leaving comments along the way; in the beginning, blogging seemed a bit out-there to me and I felt silly about writing to people that I didn't know. Who knew that many of you would become real-life friends with each other?!

YES! I like you :) (not that it should matter, right?) and YES I think your voice is unique and your story is worth sharing and YES, as you seek the Lord's leading, He will show you how to share what He is teaching you... whether here on your blog, in "real" life or both!

Thanks for writing all these years. You encouraged my heart many a time. Grace and peace,

DramaMama said...

I've been enjoying your blog for quite some time now...I've been reading lots of real food blogs. I never really learned to cook and all the pre-packaged, chemical nastiness is getting to me. As far as hospitality goes, we are currently a family of 6 (we do foster care!) and we rarely get invited places not only due to the size of our family but due to the somewhat sensitive nature of our situation. Not everyone can handle our children who have deep needs, the largest of which is just to be loved. Frequently we join other foster or adoptive families in our backyard, at a park, or another event just to encourage each other and feel 'normal'. It is quite a feat to feed everyone, have conversations peppered w/children calling for their parents and to keep everyone's attitudes and actions Christ-like =) But one worth working on! God bless the family that hosted you and God bless you and yours...

Joyfultoria said...

I've appreciated your honesty for some years now. Your refreshing approach to sensitive subjects, is an eye-opener. Keep writing, please. :-)
I still have your sweet card you sent to me in London.

Love from across the pond. Vicky xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back :)


debbie bailey said...

Sounds like you need to keep blogging!

elisabeth lind said...

Love this. So glad I found your blog. Do you have a facebook page? I tried to subscribe to your blog but I dont use any of those readers so I'm unsure how.

Madcap Mama said...

I just found your blog today & am asking that you stay sharing with us! I really like your post on does seem to be a lost art myself included. I will admit I would be a little intimidated to invite a large family over to join my family of 4, but now I kind of see it as a welcome challenge:). It is more of a heart issue than a house or space issue for sure (at least for me).

Beth Covalt said...

I "found" you through Aimee, who came my way through some crazy internet loops and happens to live right here in my town and be the sister of a precious sister-in-Him at church. (Whew! Did that sound too Ferris Bueller's Day Off?) I am delighted to add my voice in the comments. I've enjoyed doing some back reading on your lovely blog. I, for one, would love to see you keep it up!

Sara said...


I've enjoyed reading your posts over the years, and you've been such an encouragement to many. I'm just "catching up" on some blogs and saw that you won't be writing here. It's important to maintain the right priorities and it sounds like you are doing just that.

We have six children and since the birth of our fourth and certainly after the birth of our twins the invites have been fewer and fewer (like one in the past six months!) Now that the twins are nearly two I feel like I can be hospitable again. I've always loved having people over, and this was a reminder that I need to do this.

Thanks for sharing what God has shown you and for being such an encourager. Best wishes!


Candace Crabtree said...

I'm here and commenting a bit late. :) I read blogs less than I did 6 months ago but that's only because I took a small part time job online and have less online time. :) I love blogs and have battled the same thing you have. In the end, it's the emails of appreciation I have saved over the years from readers who struggle with depression like I do and thank me for writing. We have to encourage one another, we have to be real with one another, this is one way I can do that.

Stacy said...

Here to say hello, dear Andrea. I read your post on MomHeart today and popped over to see if you've written a post lately. (I've checked in from time to time and keep seeing the Les Mis photo. :))

I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your words over at MomHeart today. SO where my heart is at. I often wonder if it's just my personality- can others tolerate more noise, more information, than I can? Because it is positively overwhelming! I was encouraged to know that I'm not alone and by what you said about someone elses' good thing not necessarily being *our* good thing.

I think that often as I look at my family and as I watch my children and seek to understand how God has made them tick. I know them well. And because of my study of them and my prayers for wisdom, I can trust that God has given me discernment for what is best for *them*. And that's a freeing thing, to recognize not only that we are moving in a direction that is best for them, but also that the decisions of others (and what is best for their family) has also likely been led by God, for THEM.

Anyway. Thank you. I appreciate your words and your HEART.